A Letter from Madame Blavatsky

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The following letter from Madam H P Blavatsky to Mr J Clayton a founding member of Bradford Theosophical Society was discovered in the Lodge archives. We are led to believe that the writing is that of Dr Annie Besant and that Madam Blavatsky would have dictated the letter to Dr Besant. However, the signature and the postscript, which are in a different (purple) ink, are in Madam Blavatsky’s own hand.

The scanned image (in gif format), does not do full justice to the original, which is in the Archives at the International Headquarters of the Theosophical Society, in Adyar, Chennai, India.


HPB’s letter pg1
July 13, ‘89

Dear Sir,

The exposition of the teachings of Simon Magus is given for illustration & to show analogies, not as a portion of Esoteric instruction. But to answer your question:

To follow such thought as that in the system of Simon Magus it is necessary to get rid of the idea of the definite sex separateness now characteristic of life on the physical plane. The “couple” are not separable into the two entities, one male & the other female; rather is the couple of double aspect – male aspect & female aspect – & these are interwoven, & interpenetrate each other, the one now predominating & now the other.

If you refer to the Secret Doctrine, you will notice how the beings change their relative positions, the Son becoming his Father, parent & offspring transmuting. The root of productivity is female, the male remaining hidden, & the Son from the mother changing again into father.

Spiritualism: No fair-minded person would charge every medium with fraud or privy to fraud. But a medium, by the very fact of being a sensitive is extremely receptive, & reflects back the thoughts & fancies of the bystanders. Hence the differing characters of the “communications”; according as the sitters are frivolous or serious-minded. “disembodied souls” are not at the mercy of mediums. It is impossible to give a simple explanation that will suit all “manifestations”. Each must be examined & judged on its merits.

H P Blavatsky

PS You will find ample explanation in a short time in my “Key to Theosophy,” HPB

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