What is Theosophy?

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The word Theosophy has been used for many centuries. It is of Greek origin (theo– ‘divine’, and sophia – ‘wisdom’) meaning Divine Wisdom. It is the wisdom that cannot be enclosed within words. It is a Truth which must be discovered and experienced by each one for themselves.

Theosophy, sometimes also called the Ageless Wisdom, is the Light which shines through the many-coloured lamps of religions. It is the thread of truth that runs through scriptures, creeds, symbols, myths and rituals.

The Divine Wisdom is one Truth: the path towards it are many. Knowledge of it helps us to live harmoniously with ourselves and others.

Theosophy stands for knowledge of truth and it has existed since the beginning of time. This ancient tradition has shown that by exploring the depths of our own nature we are able to reach an experience of Truth – an understanding of that Wisdom which is the seat of all spiritual knowledge.

Theosophy offers an exciting exploration of the purpose of life and Universal Law. The Seal or Emblem of the Theosophical Society affords further insight into the Universal concepts that are embodied within Theosophy.

The Unexplained Laws of Nature and Powers Latent in Man

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Mankind has many powers which are not yet understood. Theosophy offers knowledge of why and how things like precognition and telepathy exist, but science does not as yet understand how they operate so these things are to the outer world the unexplained laws of nature.

The Fundamental Principles of Theosophy provide insight into the key ideas of Theosophy.

Universal Brotherhood

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Theosophy recognises that mankind is not yet perfect and whilst there is unrest in the world and a lack of understanding of one another it is necessary to encourage brotherhood. In recognition of the oneness of humanity, and oneness of all life, members seek to form a nucleus of the Universal Brotherhood of humanity and we try to live up to this ideal Рto learn to live in harmony with one another. The Society should produce wise and active philanthropists. Many of its members give service to the people of the world. See The Theosophical Order of Service 

Who We Are

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We are a group of men and women who are united by our determination to promote brotherhood and to remove religious, racial and other antagonisms is accordance with the Freedoms of the Theosophical Society.

Leeds Theosophical Society imposes no belief on its members but wishes to draw together all persons of goodwill, whatsoever their opinions or religious persuasion (if any). We think that the prime emphasis on brotherhood, tolerance and freedom of thought will eventually dissolve the barriers which have separated us. If you are in accord with our objects we would welcome you into the Society.

To join the Theosophical Society or for more information email: info@ts-leeds.org.uk

What is Theosophy
The word Theosophy has been used for many centuries. It is of Greek origin (theo- ‘divine’, and sophia – ‘wisdom’) meaning Divine Wisdom. Please, click here to read more.
Leeds Theosophical Society possesses a comphrensive collection of books, booklets, journals, CDs and audio cassettes of lectures, and videos and DVDs on spiritual topics in its extensive library, which are available for study by its members. Please, click here to read more.
Freedom of the Society
The Theosophical Society passed the following resolution in 1924 and and 1949 respectively in order to express and to preserve the Freedoms that the society stands for. Please, click here to read more.